Friday, September 18, 2009

Sounds like he's doing what congress can't say he's doing...

Giving comfort and aid to the enemy. Why would this statement be restricted?

Lets see... Backing away from defending Poland and Eastern Europe has been a great benefit to Russia and Iran and a huge boom for his sponsors at GE. Forcing the reinstatement of the constitutionally ousted ruler of Honduras will truly help spread marxism in Latin America and bring a smile to his buddy Chavo. Backing off of support for Israel, well there are sure a lot of camel lovin muslims that are big fans of that one for sure. And destroying our country economically will sure help push china to the role of the new global leader and us as servants of the UN.

Wow, can't say he's  giving aide to the enemy... but I guess we can say what he is really doing... committing


  1. I've been using the word 'treason' for quite awhile...glad someone else is joining me in its use...we have betrayers on both sides of the aisle...