Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quote of the day...

"Isn't it interesting how in the most heavily Democratic state in the country, democracy means so little."
Joseph Farah concerning Massachusetts's push to reverse a policy on appointing their senator away from a vote of the people.

The sad part is that the people of Mass. have been suffering from chronic brain cancer for a long time with Kerry and Kennedy as their poster boys. Yes, this is their problem...  but their decisions affect me on the left coast. As such, it is an outrage to all of us and makes it all our problem.


  1. You have to find this ironically entertaining Rattler. Mass. changed the law to what it is now so Republican Mitt Romney couldn't appoint a replacement for Kerry if he won. Or was in case Kennedy died earlier. I don't remember and I'm not in a particularly tasteful mood right now. Now they have a Democrat so they can change it back. But if they were so worried about this why did they vote for Romney in the first place. Although when he ran, he talked like a better Democrat than most of the Democrats I know.

    This should be a lesson to all who think someone of a diferent party is on your side. If it smells like poop and looks like poop, don't step in or vote for it.

    I hope I'm making sense.

  2. As with the 'nuclear option' that the dems/progressives are contemplating in using for the health care takeover. It is so similar to the 1700's British parliament and "to hell with those American colonists... we can do as we please! What can they do to our powerful empire?" Well we remember how that turned out. It's as if no one is watching. That is very foolish on their part. Thanks 101 for stopping by. Great picture of the big Guy getting ready for some target practice. He was... is no wimp.

  3. And now they wanna replace the Dead Kennedy with Mike "Loser in a Tank Turret" Dukakis?

    My Gawd....if it weren't for the Red Sox and Bruins, I'd have to write Mass off completely as a loss.....

  4. There is such a similarity between the Democrat strongholds of Illinois and Massachusetts. Turd politics shined to a golden finish by the Left.

  5. Confucius say... "shiny turd at the end of the day, is still sh*t"

    Thank Nickie

  6. I wonder if states like Mass. and our own-CA- have a voting population that has been so propagandized that it cannot think...

    BTW-I totally agree with your take on your post below-If people honestly do not love this country and cannot stand for the Pledge or the N Anthem--Go Away...