Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A clarification on directed steam...

First I want to make it clear... I love the Mexican culture AND people. I admire and respect their strong family values. I grew up on a farm in Encinitas. Yes there was once farms in Encinitas. My Dad employed between 50 to 100 migrant workers depending on the season. Some were there just a short time. Others, I am still friends with today and greet with a hug not a handshake. So, I am not at odds with the Mexican people. It is OUR government I have issues with. Services can only be given, if they are offered. And those services have been offered... stolen from us. We are sovereign. And those we've entrusted with that sovereignty, who have pledged under oath to protect and defend, are guilty.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The fight closer to home

Just a chance to blow off a little steam...

My two boys are perfect. I am blessed. Yet even with blessings there are trials to make you stronger. They both were born with a gene abnormality which gives them a non corrective vision disability. Non corrective in that surgery and/or glasses will not help. While my older son has an acuity of about 20-50 and has adapted well, my youngest is somewhere around 20-100 and is struggling in second grade.

Both are entitled (and yes I will use this terrible word because of the amount of tax that is extorted from me each year), for extra services through the school system. But... there is little or no money available after other services take their share. Other services? Not hearing... not behavioral... but language. Or speech. Or to be exact, 'English' as a second language. They wrap this up as special needs to receive additional instructors. They won't give numbers out but my son shares the same vision resource teacher amongst multiple districts.


Our little school of 300 or so has a couple full time and several part time specialists for 'speech'. Can you imagine what the the cost of this is on a local level... a state level? It's absurd. We've been trying to find large print, age appropriate books for him to read. The library can't allocate the funds. Yet they just received a couple hundred new books all in a foreign language. For those who don't know it's Spanish. Logic is scarce here. It's wrong. Our system is broken and out of money and they want to know why? I KNOW WHY!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aren't you tired of all this?

My wife told me today that she can't take it anymore. Talk radio with it's doom and gloom has left her drained. And she's just plain tired of it all. She asked me how I can listen to it so much. Am I tired? Am I ready to blow it all off and turn it back to country radio?.... Well... NO! I'm not tired. I'm not worn out. That's what they want. They hope that eventually we'll just give up and accept reality. Well, I've seen a glimpse of what their reality can be and I say HELL NO! That is not what I want my country to turn in to and that's not what I want to leave to my kids. In my lifetime I have never seen the groundswell in people of what's really, love of country.
Today I heard a recording of an English politician basically telling the prime minister and leader of Europe, we're broke and you are making it worse. You are crippling any future our children may have. You have failed. You can not tax us back to prosperity. The same could of been said here. But it takes voices. It starts with just one. And then spreads to millions. Be that voice. Stay in touch. Listen, learn and express your opinion. Don't be quiet. Please don't grow weary. Don't loose faith in yourself... and in us. And please don't let the bastards win.


Thought long and hard but really the only thing that fits is..


It is true. They need to just embrace what they stand for and it is "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Founder may have looked like...

The Bible tells us... actually Jesus tells us that if you are a follower of His, you will be hated by the world. I've always thought of this as a litmus test. Do you stand out? Are you making a difference? If no one pushes back are you making progress?

A politician (really, that's not a kind name anymore) recently did a drive by on a great man's character. That would be Supreme Justice Anthony Scalia. Why? Because this politician and others, as well as the guy in the White House do not believe in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. Judge Scalia has had the audacity enough to reject cases because they are state issues and responsibilities, not federal ones. Why is this so confusing?

That's the problem. Constitutionalists are now considered extremists. Extremists? We are now labeled. In fact I guess homophobe is one of them. If we want to call names back we can call them constitutionalphobes? (I'll work on that.)

Those who hold office have taken an oath to uphold and protect our founder's wishes. Many have died protecting just that. Now many believe differently. Many believe it should be rewritten to suite the current times. Patriots like Judge Scalia believe it was written for all time. Regardless, the majority in power have broken this oath... their word. They have chosen not to uphold the constitution, but to destroy it.

Now what's the definition of treason again?

Monday, March 23, 2009

You might be a militia...

At first I thought it was along the same lines as Jeff foxworthy's "You might be a Redneck". But wait... they're serious. A government agency has actually published details of what a militia person might look like. I'm in trouble. Are you? Here is the official document leaked from my regiment... I mean sources.

Download the document:MIAC Strategic Report

I guess just having the snake on the flag is all they need. But I also recently left the Republican party and now consider myself a Pro-Life Libertarian. (Even joined their mailing list.) Few other things in there to. Especially the Y2K thing. Still using up all the batteries I stored. And I started a blog. And I don't think Obama is a natural born citizen. And... (they left out listen to to country music)

They wouldn't dare point out a muslim extremest. But a God fearing, flag waving, Nascar fan, history reading, FOX watching, gun owning patriot has been tagged and is ready for the internment camp. (Sources tell me it's in New Mexico being set up by the united nations. Black helicopters are flying between there and Mexico!)

This report stigmatizes Libertarians as well as those who are anti-abortion, anti-illegal immigration, or Constitutionalists as “right wing extremists”. LISTEN... those who are dissatisfied with the current status quo in our political parties, have now been branded by government institutions as “right wing extremists!” They consider us just a hop, skip, and jump away from joining a violent paramilitary organization intent on domestic terrorism. They've also stressed that groups like this have been shooting law inforcement officers across the nation.


Back it up.

They can't. They just need the illusion.

What's in a name?

The phrase 'Don't Tread on Me" has been a rallying cry heard throughout the formation of our country. Along with the famous tea parties, it represented the frustration of burdensome taxation by England on the colonies. ( Sound familiar?) The snake? It's actually that of the rattlesnake. A great read on it's history can be found here. http://www.gadsden.info/

An interesting addition...

In December 1775, "An American Guesser" anonymously wrote to the Pennsylvania Journal:
"I observed on one of the drums belonging to the marines now raising, there was painted a Rattle-Snake, with this modest motto under it, 'Don't tread on me.' As I know it is the custom to have some device on the arms of every country, I supposed this may have been intended for the arms of America."

This anonymous writer, having "nothing to do with public affairs" and "in order to divert an idle hour," speculated on why a snake might be chosen as a symbol for America.

First, it occurred to him that "the Rattle-Snake is found in no other quarter of the world besides America."

The rattlesnake also has sharp eyes, and "may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance." Furthermore,

"She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. ... she never wounds 'till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her."


"I confess I was wholly at a loss what to make of the rattles, 'till I went back and counted them and found them just thirteen, exactly the number of the Colonies united in America; and I recollected too that this was the only part of the Snake which increased in numbers. ...
"'Tis curious and amazing to observe how distinct and independent of each other the rattles of this animal are, and yet how firmly they are united together, so as never to be separated but by breaking them to pieces. One of those rattles singly, is incapable of producing sound, but the ringing of thirteen together, is sufficient to alarm the boldest man living."

Many scholars now agree that this "American Guesser" was Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin, of course, is also known for opposing the use of an eagle -- "a bird of bad moral character" -- as a national symbol. Short to say the Rattlesnake signifies the unity and passion of America.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This and that.. so stop, sit and write something!

Yup. For someone who always has an opinion, I have been reluctant, hesitant and yes just lazy about starting this blog. Probably because I know that once I start, it may make a dent in my free time... which I have little of. But here goes. The rants of a frustrated American.