Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The last post talked about the low life scum of a dictator who is hell bent on changing the constitution to suit his needs. He has the backing from the rest of the tyrants of the world who demand his following. The problem is the rule of law is against him. But this is war. And we'll not surrender. Well enough about obama....

A protesters in Honduras against the U.S. demands to reinstate their dictator.

Screw their (the) Constitution

To be truthful, up to now I really haven't thought about our distant neighbor to the south, Honduras. I knew they were a so called democracy but their president Zelaya enjoyed hanging with the dics... (dictators of the Sotomayor persuasion...) of latin america. Simply, over the last few months zelaya has tried to circumvent his country's constitution. The supreme court and most of his party said no. He said you better listen to me because I have good friends like chavez and castro (and obama) to back me up. The supreme court voted and said you are out of here. So the military stormed the palace and put him on a plane out of the country. Then they (the supreme court) installed a new leader (the speaker of the house) to fulfill the rest of his term. They returned it to democracy regardless of the press and our pres' statement. They followed their constitution. Outrage from our king... outrage from cuba's king... outrage from venezuela's king... outrage from the u.n.. With all this against you, you know you did the right thing. Our king claims the rule of law should apply. Problem is he's LOOKING IN A MIRROR as to what I hope will happen to him. I think it scares him to death. CZARS, taking over private industry, bail outs... we are surrounded by tyrants bent on destroying us. Time to storm our house and put him on a plane back to his birthplace!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My heart breaks...

"The US Flag Code says the flag should never be flown upside down except as a signal of distress". This is a hard decision to make. I LOVE MY FLAG! It represents sacrifice, courage, honor and pride. But these things mean nothing to those who are entrenched in our capital. Our country, our constitution, our very soul as America is under attack and yes I am distressed. I do not like to protest but this year I have been forced to. I do not like to call attention to myself. But I am forced to. I WILL NOT SIT BY AS WE ARE ATTACKED. I will not look the other way and say lets wait until 2010 or 2012. WE WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT.

By flying my flag upside down I mean no disrespect to those who fought for it. It wasn't until I researched it that I found that many who fought for our country feel the same way. In fact it is because of their sacrifice that I want to call attention to what is going on today. Is this the right way? Call it progressive, call it socialist, call it Markism, call it communist... our country is on the verge of never being the same.

Live free, join or die! It's a good day to die!

Domestic Enemies

With 90 % of the phone calls to Washington yesterday asking their 'representative' to vote no, cap and tax was passed. No regard for we the people. As with the stimulus, 1600 pages provided just hours before the vote. No humanly way to decipher that much information. Yet, they put their faith in government, in themselves and to hell with us. They are enemies of the state now. Domestic combatants. I believe they should be not voted out of office but THROWN out. 230 years ago they would of came home and their house would of been burnt down. But today they get to go on vacation. In their eyes it was a victory for the progressive movement. But we have to retake the ground they claimed. They need to fear us as our founders stressed. Progressives hate the country of our founders. The one may stand in front our founding documents and reassert his oath, but his heart and soul is not one of We the People and he is the enemy, guilty of treason as he and others are bent on our destruction. So we'll take the battle to them.

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's really easy to get carried away with ideas. When they sound good, look good and even feel good.... there is one thing to remember. Man is fallible. He (man) is destined to blow it from time to time. And thats where the danger comes in. Where are your eyes focused? Where is your heart? Are we hoping the lone ranger will ride up and save the day? People like Newt, Bush, Sanford, Beck, Rush... they are all men capable of great things... but also capable of missing the mark and disappointing us. As such it is important as to who/what we should fix our eyes on. We need rock and not sand. This is where the truth is. This is where your... my trust should be.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Equal Opportunity

Pre-blog writing days I wrote on facebook my disgust at the guy in the white house for his crack concerning Special Olympics. I though it was distasteful and inappropriate. And when he gave his lame apology I just considered that it was the best a guy with no soul could do. This morning I was watching Glenn Beck. First thing... I admire Glenn a great deal. He really is a modern day Thomas Payne with a heart of a patriot.

But... he stepped over the line. On his show he posted the pictures of the leaders of accorn and with it put the vilan of the davinci code with them. He made a comment or implied that because 2 of the accorn founders were fair complection, they are automatically evil like the "albino guy" (his words) from the movie. Albinism (the proper term) is genetic defect sort of like... cerebral palsy. But albinism is more than skin pigment, it's visual too. Most have poor vision with many being legally blind from their condition. That is my 2 boys. But those with albinism have overcome the ignorance of many and have excelled in all facets of life.

I will argue with differences of opinions. But attacks on my kids I will fight. They are owed an apology Mr. Beck. Humor at the expense of the disabled is never funny. I hope you do the right thing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Are we seeing our future?

My heart goes out to the young people of Iran. As what happened 30 years ago when they tipped towards tyranny, the youth are now trying to push back to a representative rule. One thing you don't hear in the mainstream is the majority of those 30 and under are very much pro America and pro democracy. They are patriots in their fight for freedom. Yet with no second amendment to protect them they have little chance of victory. Like the saying of bringing a knife to a gun fight. Our founders knew this scenario long ago. Any law counter to the constitution and Bill of Rights is unlawful.

The guy in the white house has been surprisingly quiet. Could it be that with the rebellion against sharia law, it may be a set back for his plans to rework the constitution? His appointees are already claiming sharia to be superior to common law. Just a hunch.

Are we seeing our future here? I don't think so. I am led to believe that those who took an oath to serve and protect... police, FBI, etc and those who took an oath to protect the country... the military and guard, would not support such actions. But I do believe that the plans to create a civil guard (through accorn... americor?) will create such a security force that will be solely anti-American.

But it is time to rebel. And soon it will be time to go to the streets and demand our country back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I swear to...

What a week. The goal of progressives is to overload us and they are doing a pretty good job. My favorite is that congress has chosen not to pursue the case against who lied in Pelosi vs. the CIA. Instead they are taking up baseball and steroids as national security... again. Fulfilling their oath to uphold and defend the constitution.

A den of pathetic weasels for sure and my apologies to the weasels.

What's an oath? What is a promise? What is duty? Do the words " I swear to..." mean anything anymore? Even the Pledge of Allegiance, is it just an ancient ritual done to make it look like we care? Every day I see more and more as just empty words.

How about you?

I am certain that most in elected office would wish our founding documents would just go away. Even though from top to bottom, they freely ignore most of the meaning in it, they are still somewhat handicapped by it's existence. And there again is that ancient ritual of an oath they took to defend... But I guess that's ok because so few really do. We can just take our president's example. Empty words.

How about you?

Where is your commitment? What do you consider as your duty? Is the constitution as much our responsibility to follow and protect as those we elect? Or is it more.

This country is WE the People. And it is up to us to defend. It is up to US to promise... to swear... to uphold. It starts with you and me. And here is mine...

I made these cards because I think it is important for people to commit to being an American. You have a responsibility. You have a duty. I keep this on my person and when I here stories of how my country is under " domestic" attack by those who took a similar oath, I read the promise I made. Unlike them, my word is my oath and I will defend it until my last breath.

How about you?

If you would like some cards for your own just send me a couple bucks through paypal to cover postage. My account is bryan@beseenwear.com. I also have my logo at the top of the page available as a 5" window decal. It's $5 including shipping ( and I'll throw in some cards for free!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Excuse Me!

Ms. Boxer... you are a "Servant of the People". That is your title. You serve at our pleasure. The only reason you have the title of Senator is because we gave it to you. Unlike the Brigadier General you dissed who actually "EARNED" his title. Maybe if you spent more time doing the peoples work rather than trying to be the queen, you may garnish somewhat more respect. California... we can do better.

(picture of Ms Boxer not added because it ills me!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day 2009

Today we celebrated Flag Day across our country. I took a drive across town and was happy to see a few homes and businesses celebrating it. This is what I fly outside my home every chance I get. I also have another 50 star I keep up most of the time on top of the motor home. But I am partial to the 13 star flag as it represents the country I long for. A country where your word was sacred and your vows and oaths were kept. My next post will go into this a little more. But until then, may God Bless Your Day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The day the constitution died.

I redid this entry after I saved the original one. Had to stop and think. Today the scotus allowed the sale of chrysler to go through. I believe with this decision that the law based upon constitutional principles is no longer the rule of our land. And as such it is no longer We the People, but a dictatorship and a fascist one at that controlling the country. Only until a majority will take a stand, we are subjects, slaves.

No words to describe...

From the editor of Newsweek,"Well, we were the good guys in 1984. Hasn't felt that way in recent years. We're seen too often as a bad guys. And he is a very different job from Reagan was all about America, and he talked about it. Obama is, we are above that now. We're not just parochial, we're not just chauvinistic, we're not just provincial. We stand for something. I mean, in a way Obama's standing above the country, above the world. He's sort of God."

Beware of the one who comes as a type of messiah promising to save the world from its present crisis by speaking half truths and outrageous lies. (and those who choose to follow)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not shown by the press

Still on course.

Before the election last year I had sent out dozens of emails with a letter written by Focus on the Family. It was a fictional account of what the world will look like in 2012 if obama was elected. Well he's here. Read through it and you will see it's true prophetic meaning and we are only 5 months into his dictarship.


It's a call to action. It's a call to arms. We are at war.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Beach

Yes it was a slip of words used by the 'oh so popular' prime minister of England this D-Day in his speech concerning Omaha Beach. But in the speech given by the new world leader, obama said "D-Day saved the world from evil".

I just wonder what will save it this time from him?

Don't let this end...

Every time I think about GM I get upset. In the simplest of terms they have taken our constitution, or rule of law and wiped their proverbial behinds with it. "They did it to save jobs" is the qoute used now. At some 50 billion that about $400,000 per employee to save.
Look at today, they are in bankruptcy which they said would never happen, they have sold off hummer to china, roger penske wants saturn and saab is being fought over. This is what would of happened several months ago if they would of just let capitalism work. It always does. It would of broken up and others could of been allowed to make great things from it. But instead we are now out $50 to $100 BILLION dollars and the owners of the these companies (bond holders) were deprived of their constitution right, article 5 to justly be compensated and their worth was given unearned to the unions as payback for politics. Did you know that piece of trash hugo chavez is boasting that he and castro (also trash) are a little right to our dictator in chief . WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MARXIST REVOLUTION AND TAKEOVER.
This is not what we do in America. This is not our laws. Read the Declaration. It is our duty to stop this. Judges? .... the chrysler case was allowed to proceed by a federal judge making a ruling without hearing it or making comment. TREASON Congress?.... Ya right. TREASON
I own 2 chevys and a dodge. But I never again will consider buying another unless forced (which will come).
Our hope.... the Supreme Court has to hear this with those seated on it today. Soon I am afraid it will be too late. Empathy rather than law will be the rule.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On American Soil

Private William Long was murdered... assassinated this last Monday on American soil in Little Rock Arkansas by a jihad piece of crap terrorist. No response, NO RESPONSE from our "Dictator In Chief". He did post on the peoples web site his condolences for the family of the late term abortionist killed on Sunday. He expressed his outrage that such a barbaric act could of happened. Yet still not a word for the Long Family.

Private Long is a Patriot. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Unfortunately it was under the command of a traitor. I hope the country opens their eyes soon. We are at war... foreign and now domestic.

I heard this today... If the terrorists want to destroy this country they had better hurry up before obama does it for them.

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No longer a rule of law.

It's all over the headlines. The government of obama owns 2 car companies. Not really us, We the People, because last poll shows 70% didn't want it. But union paybacks have to be kept or there are other traitors waiting in the wings to take their place. They now produce the People's Car.
It wasn't the money (well it's always the money), but it was the methods the government of obama used to make his conquest. He literally took a knife to our laws and cut it's heart out. No hearings, no rulings, just a bunch of castrated appointees and czars rewriting the Constitution. Bankruptcy is a terrible thing. A last resort. When nothing else is available. But we have laws concerning it. One of the most sacred is who gets protection. With corporations it is the bond holders who are entitled by law to be paid back first. Because if not... why would you loan money to a company in the first place. But the government of obama says now that a contract is no longer valid if he disagrees with it. He has given the assets to the unions and the people. He has reworked private ownership to now become public ownership... at any cost. The definition of Marxism/Communism. The ends justifies the means and to hell with the law.

As a result, nothing, I mean NO CONTRACT OR LAW is safe from our new "dictator in chief". He is guilty of treason. And to follow him you would be guilty also.

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God!