Saturday, June 6, 2009

Don't let this end...

Every time I think about GM I get upset. In the simplest of terms they have taken our constitution, or rule of law and wiped their proverbial behinds with it. "They did it to save jobs" is the qoute used now. At some 50 billion that about $400,000 per employee to save.
Look at today, they are in bankruptcy which they said would never happen, they have sold off hummer to china, roger penske wants saturn and saab is being fought over. This is what would of happened several months ago if they would of just let capitalism work. It always does. It would of broken up and others could of been allowed to make great things from it. But instead we are now out $50 to $100 BILLION dollars and the owners of the these companies (bond holders) were deprived of their constitution right, article 5 to justly be compensated and their worth was given unearned to the unions as payback for politics. Did you know that piece of trash hugo chavez is boasting that he and castro (also trash) are a little right to our dictator in chief . WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MARXIST REVOLUTION AND TAKEOVER.
This is not what we do in America. This is not our laws. Read the Declaration. It is our duty to stop this. Judges? .... the chrysler case was allowed to proceed by a federal judge making a ruling without hearing it or making comment. TREASON Congress?.... Ya right. TREASON
I own 2 chevys and a dodge. But I never again will consider buying another unless forced (which will come).
Our hope.... the Supreme Court has to hear this with those seated on it today. Soon I am afraid it will be too late. Empathy rather than law will be the rule.

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