Saturday, June 27, 2009

My heart breaks...

"The US Flag Code says the flag should never be flown upside down except as a signal of distress". This is a hard decision to make. I LOVE MY FLAG! It represents sacrifice, courage, honor and pride. But these things mean nothing to those who are entrenched in our capital. Our country, our constitution, our very soul as America is under attack and yes I am distressed. I do not like to protest but this year I have been forced to. I do not like to call attention to myself. But I am forced to. I WILL NOT SIT BY AS WE ARE ATTACKED. I will not look the other way and say lets wait until 2010 or 2012. WE WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT.

By flying my flag upside down I mean no disrespect to those who fought for it. It wasn't until I researched it that I found that many who fought for our country feel the same way. In fact it is because of their sacrifice that I want to call attention to what is going on today. Is this the right way? Call it progressive, call it socialist, call it Markism, call it communist... our country is on the verge of never being the same.

Live free, join or die! It's a good day to die!

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