Saturday, June 20, 2009

I swear to...

What a week. The goal of progressives is to overload us and they are doing a pretty good job. My favorite is that congress has chosen not to pursue the case against who lied in Pelosi vs. the CIA. Instead they are taking up baseball and steroids as national security... again. Fulfilling their oath to uphold and defend the constitution.

A den of pathetic weasels for sure and my apologies to the weasels.

What's an oath? What is a promise? What is duty? Do the words " I swear to..." mean anything anymore? Even the Pledge of Allegiance, is it just an ancient ritual done to make it look like we care? Every day I see more and more as just empty words.

How about you?

I am certain that most in elected office would wish our founding documents would just go away. Even though from top to bottom, they freely ignore most of the meaning in it, they are still somewhat handicapped by it's existence. And there again is that ancient ritual of an oath they took to defend... But I guess that's ok because so few really do. We can just take our president's example. Empty words.

How about you?

Where is your commitment? What do you consider as your duty? Is the constitution as much our responsibility to follow and protect as those we elect? Or is it more.

This country is WE the People. And it is up to us to defend. It is up to US to promise... to swear... to uphold. It starts with you and me. And here is mine...

I made these cards because I think it is important for people to commit to being an American. You have a responsibility. You have a duty. I keep this on my person and when I here stories of how my country is under " domestic" attack by those who took a similar oath, I read the promise I made. Unlike them, my word is my oath and I will defend it until my last breath.

How about you?

If you would like some cards for your own just send me a couple bucks through paypal to cover postage. My account is I also have my logo at the top of the page available as a 5" window decal. It's $5 including shipping ( and I'll throw in some cards for free!)

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