Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Equal Opportunity

Pre-blog writing days I wrote on facebook my disgust at the guy in the white house for his crack concerning Special Olympics. I though it was distasteful and inappropriate. And when he gave his lame apology I just considered that it was the best a guy with no soul could do. This morning I was watching Glenn Beck. First thing... I admire Glenn a great deal. He really is a modern day Thomas Payne with a heart of a patriot.

But... he stepped over the line. On his show he posted the pictures of the leaders of accorn and with it put the vilan of the davinci code with them. He made a comment or implied that because 2 of the accorn founders were fair complection, they are automatically evil like the "albino guy" (his words) from the movie. Albinism (the proper term) is genetic defect sort of like... cerebral palsy. But albinism is more than skin pigment, it's visual too. Most have poor vision with many being legally blind from their condition. That is my 2 boys. But those with albinism have overcome the ignorance of many and have excelled in all facets of life.

I will argue with differences of opinions. But attacks on my kids I will fight. They are owed an apology Mr. Beck. Humor at the expense of the disabled is never funny. I hope you do the right thing.

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