Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No longer a rule of law.

It's all over the headlines. The government of obama owns 2 car companies. Not really us, We the People, because last poll shows 70% didn't want it. But union paybacks have to be kept or there are other traitors waiting in the wings to take their place. They now produce the People's Car.
It wasn't the money (well it's always the money), but it was the methods the government of obama used to make his conquest. He literally took a knife to our laws and cut it's heart out. No hearings, no rulings, just a bunch of castrated appointees and czars rewriting the Constitution. Bankruptcy is a terrible thing. A last resort. When nothing else is available. But we have laws concerning it. One of the most sacred is who gets protection. With corporations it is the bond holders who are entitled by law to be paid back first. Because if not... why would you loan money to a company in the first place. But the government of obama says now that a contract is no longer valid if he disagrees with it. He has given the assets to the unions and the people. He has reworked private ownership to now become public ownership... at any cost. The definition of Marxism/Communism. The ends justifies the means and to hell with the law.

As a result, nothing, I mean NO CONTRACT OR LAW is safe from our new "dictator in chief". He is guilty of treason. And to follow him you would be guilty also.

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God!

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