Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Newt considers run in 2012

Politicians are a lot like tires. Some seem to last forever. Others are gone before their time. Some excel under specific conditions. Yes, some are even worthless. And then there's Newt. Good ole Newt.

He was the one to have on your team. The man who gave traction to the republicans of 94. Good Times. Short lived but "Good Times". But what started out as the new high performance republican movement... just ended up skidding off the road, the infamous crash and burn called Obama.

So now Newt wants to jump back in as the Lone Ranger and save the day. Well, sorry Newt. There are just some tires you can't retread... again. And even if you could, would you really trust them? We know whats underneath. The same old mess, just shinier.

If the republicans want to go down this path... progressive light... and pick those like Newt, or Huckabee , or Romney to be their standard bearer, a third party will quickly overtake them.  And I believe it will be sooner than later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Positive accomplishments by our President...

I think it's pretty easy to make a list of the things we can disagree with the President on. From circumventing the Constitution... to implementing progressive ideas that will strangle our Bill of Rights... to dissing us to world at every opportunity. But to be fair, I wanted to give space and highlight those positive contributions he has given us over the last 9mos since taking office. Those things that have bettered us as a society and made us a better nation. Made us stronger. So here goes with my list of what I believe the President has done in a positive way for our republic:

  1. He brought us.... 
  2. The economy. He fixed...
  3. Yah I forgot, he appointed...
  4. Our troops. He really supported...
  5. Transparency. He promised...
  6. Special interests. No more...
  7.  ...  ???
Nope... got nothing.  Maybe you can help me out. Anything?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They Hang Horse Thieves... Don't They?

In the old west your horse was your livelihood. It was not a companion. Not a pet.  It was a tool. One that you had to have in order to work and make a living. Take away a man's horse and you took away his means to support himself and his family... you might as well have doomed him to a life of being a slave.

Today we are faced with the equivalent of modern day slavery. And those in congress, the administration and most state governments are modern day horse thieves.

Look at our money if there is any left. If you earn it, it's yours and except for paying for the basics of keeping our country safe. . . leave it alone!  It's ours! There is NO difference from politicians taxing/taking/STEALING my income for their progressive projects (let's see thats about 80% of everything today), and a thug sticking a gun to my head and removing my wallet. And they have now begun stealing from our kid's future. They say it's to better our lives. I say they are fricken thieves. I say HANG THEM!!!

Look at our freedoms... what's left of them at least. Progressive are intent on restricting what we hear and what we say. They feel threatened to the point that they want to shut down discussions on the internet and radio to progress (pun intended) their movement without debate. Our freedom of speech is not a right when we question them. They say it's hate. I say HANG THEM!!!

Gun Rights.  "Without the Second, the Rest are Just Suggestions." There is no truer statement concerning the protection of our constitution... actually the very survival of it. Our Second Amendment is the sole Right entrusted to the citizenry of this country that separates us from all other nations. It is what keeps us as citizens and not servants. And it is the biggest hurdle to progressives. For over 100 years it has been slowly bled by a thousand paper cuts. Slowly moving it from a right to a privilege, the one thing our Founders did NOT want to happen. Yet it was so slow, few have noticed, just saying that it's for everyone's safety. "People are good, guns are evil."  For not understanding the simple phrase 'Shall not be infringed',  I say HANG THEM TWICE!!!

There's more, lots more.

A day of judgment is coming. Not soon enough for me. A day when we hang them all. A day when we vote to hang them all out to dry and replace their sorry asses. You didn't think I meant with a rope did you? Well at least not this time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More good news from Schwarzenegger

Arnie signed into law a day celebrating a child predator and gay activist as a state holiday. Starting on May 22 of next year across the state and in our public schools (k-12) it will be know as Harvey Milk Day. Milk was a known advocate of sex between men and young boys.

Yes my week continues to get better.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Schwarzenegger and Hitler - Similarities

It was signed into law last night just before the stroke of midnight. Purchased ammunition in California will now be registered.  This also includes reloading supplies for the construction of ammunition.  As with our governor,  Austrian born and progressive socialist Adolf Hitler laid the groundwork for gun restrictions that culminated with bans and confiscation. Arnold stated that cold medicine is restricted so there is no reason not to do the same for bullets. (I'm checking my copy of the constitution but I don't see the part on medicine as a 'shall not be infringed right')

Just a wonderful start to the week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pick your fights...

Should "o" of gotten the nobel peace prize? Since he has done basically squat (in many ways I'm thankful for his limited victories so far)  the answer is a common sense NO. But so what. We know he is the world's chosen one. Nothing should surprise us. Hell, they chose al snore for his attempt to save the world. DO THEY HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY? THEY ARE MORONS. But they don't affect the battle at hand and that is the destruction of our constitution. Let them play games and puff up their egos. They are mush easier to spot when their heads are so big.

What's more important... the so called safe school zar who supports nambla whose group condones sex between boys as young as 18mos with men... wait, they are not men, they are perverted beasts whom should be torched. A threat? Just have one of these sub humans come near my sons and see what happens. The dark prince knew this when he made this appointment and it disgusts me to have him as our leader. He's got to go before 2012.

It's a piece of crap prize for our poor excuse of a president. But then again, he deserves it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil

The absurdity of this statement leaves me nothing else to add except they better hurry while this present congress and administration is in power for their chance at a bailout. I pray their reign is coming to an end very soon..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leaders of the Pack

I was reading a recent issue of Military Officer Magazine. (They were at the library for a quarter) An article caught my eye. It talked about a recent Harris poll that showed 58% of the population had a great deal of confidence in our military. Actually they were the highest of the list. This was up 7% from the year before. Small business was second at 48%. Large companies (like the ones who got the bailouts) were at 11%. Congress was fairly close at 9%... huh. Only wall street (also receiving a bailout) was more despised at 4%. Another huh. Coincidence?
The white house occupant was about 37%. (This is sure to be part of the 42% that does not trust the military... also they're the ones who are totally dependent on the federal nipple for their existence)
As I have written about in the past, the confidence in our military is high, because they have earned it... then again, so has congress, I would say 9% is pretty high for them also.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Part of the Master Plan?

Today we have two great military leaders, General Petraeus and General McCrystal. Men of this stature and wisdom do not just happen on a whim. Wisdom comes with experience and honor and respect comes with character.  Those are things missing from their present commander.

I fear that in the next few days these men will step down. Not because the mission at hand is too difficult. They are the true definition of a leader and a soldier.  But they will step aside because their positions are now insignificant with the man/child attempting to rebuild the world. That will be a great loss for our country.

Warfare is not a community organizing  activity. The lives of our soldiers are on the line without effective leadership. Today there is none. May God's hand protect them now because it's apparent our government will not.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Without the second....

"Without the second... the rest are just suggestions"

Our founders believed this so true that they specifically put in writing, "shall not be infringed." Not by permit (permission). Not by filling out an application. Not by taking a course. If you are a good boy or girl, NOTHING should hinder your RIGHT. Here is California we are waiting for Arnold to veto the latest in tyranny from our state. A new bill that places huge restrictions on purchasing ammo. Their feeling is without bullets a gun is just a hammer.
"Shall not be infringed." 
Personally I think even taxes should not be applicable to firearms or ammunition because it drives up the final price and really is an infringement. This bill in California also had earlier a restriction of just 50 rounds per month. Including law enforcement. They'll add this later they say.
Are we under attack yet?
A need for a civilian security force... guess what 'O'?
We are already here. 


Thursday, October 1, 2009

nosotros la gente

Nosotros La Gente
We the People

My wife showed me this ad that came in the mail today from a local fast food place we like to eat at. Wasn't sure why she was so upset until I looked at the ad. Ok, we live in San Diego County. Last I checked we are still part of California which is still part of America. There has to be a line in the sand with how far we will go with what's acceptable.  Notice this ad from El Pollo Loco. Spanish is given first and largest position. English on the other hand is smaller and under it.  

When a so called American company like El Pollo Loco comes out and disrespects our language, it shows where their allegiance is. Could they become successful in any other country but ours? Yes they have a right to do their advertising as they please. But my family also has the right to go where we please and we will not contribute another cent to them. To me this is the same as flying the Mexican flag above the American flag while on our soil. It is up to immigrants regardless of where they are from to learn our language... not the other way around. Learn English if you want to be am American. And businesses here need to stop catering to them.


Their # is... 877-375-4968