Monday, October 26, 2009

Words can not describe my feelings.


  1. What is it with war-mongering Presidents and golf?

    It will all come to a head soon. Something's got to give somewhere.

  2. At my former site, I did a post asking the same thing about President Bush. The one who sent our young men and women to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Not defending either him or President Obama on this. It's hard to be a good president, husband and father at the same time.

  3. is bho really a Commander in Chief!!!

  4. BO has never left campaign mode and hasn't a clue as to being a leader. To him it is just 4 years of country club living on someone else's credit card... ours. He has no clue to reality and it sucks many times. Having a love one sacrifice their life for duty and receiving a flag in substitute all while their so called leader hams it up at every opportunity is appalling.

    S3... if coming to a head means there is an abundance of puss, yes that describes washington.

    101... we can argue with the merits of what justifies military action but Bush relied on those around him for taking action in a new era of warfare. BO's ego is to see what happens and then blame others if it fails. I too have misgiving as to our justification for boots on the ground in that hell hole.

    CS... commander of thieves is his new title.