Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Part of the Master Plan?

Today we have two great military leaders, General Petraeus and General McCrystal. Men of this stature and wisdom do not just happen on a whim. Wisdom comes with experience and honor and respect comes with character.  Those are things missing from their present commander.

I fear that in the next few days these men will step down. Not because the mission at hand is too difficult. They are the true definition of a leader and a soldier.  But they will step aside because their positions are now insignificant with the man/child attempting to rebuild the world. That will be a great loss for our country.

Warfare is not a community organizing  activity. The lives of our soldiers are on the line without effective leadership. Today there is none. May God's hand protect them now because it's apparent our government will not.


  1. Once again the emperor has no clothes and Gates, Gibbs et.al. are trying to cover for him while McChrystal proudly wearing a military uniform that is marginalized.

  2. stated same just recently ---
    my magic list of 5 --potential candidates --is almost full though...

  3. Part of the Master Plan indeed is it

  4. Professor - the court jesters are in charge and one is even commander in chief. And the world laughs openly. Thanks for your post.

    CS - I would add Ron Paul to this list. 8 years ago I called him a loon. Today he is the sanest amongst them all.