Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More good news from Schwarzenegger

Arnie signed into law a day celebrating a child predator and gay activist as a state holiday. Starting on May 22 of next year across the state and in our public schools (k-12) it will be know as Harvey Milk Day. Milk was a known advocate of sex between men and young boys.

Yes my week continues to get better.


  1. There are people who need to die affirmatively (bin Laden comes to mind)

    There are people who are taken out and I say, "cool". (Harvey Milk comes to mind).

  2. Is this like the new vogue thing in our culture... Harvey Milk... Roman Polanski... Kevin Jennings(safe school czar)... Mohammad... all revered today and ALL are/were child predators. Yet the outrage is nill. No, not all gays are predators. But the ones held up as martyrs are. Then again, it makes me second guess my first statement.

    As I said before in an earlier post, come near by boys and expect to pay the price.

  3. @ The Rattler
    That goes double for my girls.