Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They Hang Horse Thieves... Don't They?

In the old west your horse was your livelihood. It was not a companion. Not a pet.  It was a tool. One that you had to have in order to work and make a living. Take away a man's horse and you took away his means to support himself and his family... you might as well have doomed him to a life of being a slave.

Today we are faced with the equivalent of modern day slavery. And those in congress, the administration and most state governments are modern day horse thieves.

Look at our money if there is any left. If you earn it, it's yours and except for paying for the basics of keeping our country safe. . . leave it alone!  It's ours! There is NO difference from politicians taxing/taking/STEALING my income for their progressive projects (let's see thats about 80% of everything today), and a thug sticking a gun to my head and removing my wallet. And they have now begun stealing from our kid's future. They say it's to better our lives. I say they are fricken thieves. I say HANG THEM!!!

Look at our freedoms... what's left of them at least. Progressive are intent on restricting what we hear and what we say. They feel threatened to the point that they want to shut down discussions on the internet and radio to progress (pun intended) their movement without debate. Our freedom of speech is not a right when we question them. They say it's hate. I say HANG THEM!!!

Gun Rights.  "Without the Second, the Rest are Just Suggestions." There is no truer statement concerning the protection of our constitution... actually the very survival of it. Our Second Amendment is the sole Right entrusted to the citizenry of this country that separates us from all other nations. It is what keeps us as citizens and not servants. And it is the biggest hurdle to progressives. For over 100 years it has been slowly bled by a thousand paper cuts. Slowly moving it from a right to a privilege, the one thing our Founders did NOT want to happen. Yet it was so slow, few have noticed, just saying that it's for everyone's safety. "People are good, guns are evil."  For not understanding the simple phrase 'Shall not be infringed',  I say HANG THEM TWICE!!!

There's more, lots more.

A day of judgment is coming. Not soon enough for me. A day when we hang them all. A day when we vote to hang them all out to dry and replace their sorry asses. You didn't think I meant with a rope did you? Well at least not this time!


  1. You have a gift for hyperbole Rattler.

    If I may rspond to one of your main talking points: The debate over "rights" vs. "privileges." Everything is a privilege. What right can't be taken away? If you're a felon, in most states you lose the right to vote or own a gun. Even get a truck drivers license.

    We're all subject to the laws that keep society safe. Your rights end when they infringe on others. It would be wonderful if everyone was of good moral chatacter and we didn't need a system of laws to protect our rights and punish those that infringe upon them. But as you are well aware, there is slime among us, as you ably point out, amy of them are called "congressman."

    "Rights" are not free. It takes tax dollars to support the ones who defend them. Our police. Our military. Our judges.

    I will offer this Rattler. If a government agent comes to your house and demands your guns, I'll send a check to your defense fund.

  2. I will concede to being excessive many times. But I do not confess to exagerating (unless I have been fishing!). Truth101, I respect your opinion but I disagree with the precident that everything is a privilege. The original intent of or Constittuition was clear. The Bill of Rights were simply written down to proclaim what we as citizen are afforded as those that are inaliable. The key word here is citizen. That being "one who exstols the merits of being true and just amongst a national community. Seperate yourself from the norms of society (preferably based on Judeo/Christian principles) and those rights limited by the community. "We're all subject to the laws that keep society safe. Your rights end when you infringe on others." Absolutely agree. But the Bill of Rights are to protect the people from the government. Not vice versa As such, unless we allow it, they can not be infringed upon. Yes I harp a lot on gun contol. I believe the Second was written as insurance from tryanny. You can not have both at the same time. I also believe that we have a God given Right for defending ourselves in both person and property. Being armed is the only method to right the playing field. Truth101, thank you for being part of my drefense fund. I got your back if needed also. btw-my son is at a video game tounament at the library tonight and the computers here do not seem to have spell check on them (well as least the English verion) so I don't have my crutch, sorry.

  3. Rattler, if you attracted my old nemesis, Lies 101 to your blog, you must have indeed hit the big time. Congrats!

  4. Agreed. The Bill of Rights is to protect us from tyranny and governemtn over reaching. But government also has a duty to protect the citizens from the "tyranny?" and bad behavior of the sleaze among us.

    Hi Opus#6. I forgot where our paths cross but it must have been a good time. Thansk for the "big time" compliment. Although my little site is about as far removed from big time as it can get, it's nice to see someone noticed.

  5. @Truth 101...if the agent comes to my house, you can donate to help my widow, because I'm taking about a 100 of those bastards down before they get me.

  6. Let's hope they don't get her along with you Dr. Dave.

  7. I love the analogy of the horse - livelihood and horse thieves-!!!!
    I will confess-I have a 'pet' horse--vowed it would never happen--my last bred-(Trakehner-Welsh Cob cross) I bred him to be a star like the others...had him leased-didn't want him sold...
    --my family stated that the "rule" that I made of 'hoses are not pets' doesn't apply to 'Benji' and we want him here! SO--He's a pet- don't tell my fellow horsemen - OK :-)