Thursday, October 1, 2009

nosotros la gente

Nosotros La Gente
We the People

My wife showed me this ad that came in the mail today from a local fast food place we like to eat at. Wasn't sure why she was so upset until I looked at the ad. Ok, we live in San Diego County. Last I checked we are still part of California which is still part of America. There has to be a line in the sand with how far we will go with what's acceptable.  Notice this ad from El Pollo Loco. Spanish is given first and largest position. English on the other hand is smaller and under it.  

When a so called American company like El Pollo Loco comes out and disrespects our language, it shows where their allegiance is. Could they become successful in any other country but ours? Yes they have a right to do their advertising as they please. But my family also has the right to go where we please and we will not contribute another cent to them. To me this is the same as flying the Mexican flag above the American flag while on our soil. It is up to immigrants regardless of where they are from to learn our language... not the other way around. Learn English if you want to be am American. And businesses here need to stop catering to them.


Their # is... 877-375-4968


  1. will pass the word to those who make 'runs' to Loco...

  2. And press 1 for English bugs me. I agree.

  3. This just shows where their marketing people are targeting their advertizing... NOT at Americans, but at illegals...

  4. I wonder if in Meh-hee-ko they make a big deal over July 4th the way we all get forced to endure Cinco de Mayo?