Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leaders of the Pack

I was reading a recent issue of Military Officer Magazine. (They were at the library for a quarter) An article caught my eye. It talked about a recent Harris poll that showed 58% of the population had a great deal of confidence in our military. Actually they were the highest of the list. This was up 7% from the year before. Small business was second at 48%. Large companies (like the ones who got the bailouts) were at 11%. Congress was fairly close at 9%... huh. Only wall street (also receiving a bailout) was more despised at 4%. Another huh. Coincidence?
The white house occupant was about 37%. (This is sure to be part of the 42% that does not trust the military... also they're the ones who are totally dependent on the federal nipple for their existence)
As I have written about in the past, the confidence in our military is high, because they have earned it... then again, so has congress, I would say 9% is pretty high for them also.

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