Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Newt considers run in 2012

Politicians are a lot like tires. Some seem to last forever. Others are gone before their time. Some excel under specific conditions. Yes, some are even worthless. And then there's Newt. Good ole Newt.

He was the one to have on your team. The man who gave traction to the republicans of 94. Good Times. Short lived but "Good Times". But what started out as the new high performance republican movement... just ended up skidding off the road, the infamous crash and burn called Obama.

So now Newt wants to jump back in as the Lone Ranger and save the day. Well, sorry Newt. There are just some tires you can't retread... again. And even if you could, would you really trust them? We know whats underneath. The same old mess, just shinier.

If the republicans want to go down this path... progressive light... and pick those like Newt, or Huckabee , or Romney to be their standard bearer, a third party will quickly overtake them.  And I believe it will be sooner than later.


  1. Ahhh-I remember '94--
    we had the majority --
    spending was going to be cut--taxes cut--less government control...
    It didn't happen- the Rsss spent more ---and even gave us bridges to nowhere!!
    Thanks Newt and friends...

  2. This is common among politicians that had their day in the sun. Even Agnew thought he was presidential material a few years after he resigned in disgrace. Dan Quayle tried. John Edwards will probably try a third time.

    Gives us something to blog about is all this amounts to.