Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pick your fights...

Should "o" of gotten the nobel peace prize? Since he has done basically squat (in many ways I'm thankful for his limited victories so far)  the answer is a common sense NO. But so what. We know he is the world's chosen one. Nothing should surprise us. Hell, they chose al snore for his attempt to save the world. DO THEY HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY? THEY ARE MORONS. But they don't affect the battle at hand and that is the destruction of our constitution. Let them play games and puff up their egos. They are mush easier to spot when their heads are so big.

What's more important... the so called safe school zar who supports nambla whose group condones sex between boys as young as 18mos with men... wait, they are not men, they are perverted beasts whom should be torched. A threat? Just have one of these sub humans come near my sons and see what happens. The dark prince knew this when he made this appointment and it disgusts me to have him as our leader. He's got to go before 2012.

It's a piece of crap prize for our poor excuse of a president. But then again, he deserves it.

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