Saturday, June 27, 2009

Domestic Enemies

With 90 % of the phone calls to Washington yesterday asking their 'representative' to vote no, cap and tax was passed. No regard for we the people. As with the stimulus, 1600 pages provided just hours before the vote. No humanly way to decipher that much information. Yet, they put their faith in government, in themselves and to hell with us. They are enemies of the state now. Domestic combatants. I believe they should be not voted out of office but THROWN out. 230 years ago they would of came home and their house would of been burnt down. But today they get to go on vacation. In their eyes it was a victory for the progressive movement. But we have to retake the ground they claimed. They need to fear us as our founders stressed. Progressives hate the country of our founders. The one may stand in front our founding documents and reassert his oath, but his heart and soul is not one of We the People and he is the enemy, guilty of treason as he and others are bent on our destruction. So we'll take the battle to them.

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