Monday, June 22, 2009

Are we seeing our future?

My heart goes out to the young people of Iran. As what happened 30 years ago when they tipped towards tyranny, the youth are now trying to push back to a representative rule. One thing you don't hear in the mainstream is the majority of those 30 and under are very much pro America and pro democracy. They are patriots in their fight for freedom. Yet with no second amendment to protect them they have little chance of victory. Like the saying of bringing a knife to a gun fight. Our founders knew this scenario long ago. Any law counter to the constitution and Bill of Rights is unlawful.

The guy in the white house has been surprisingly quiet. Could it be that with the rebellion against sharia law, it may be a set back for his plans to rework the constitution? His appointees are already claiming sharia to be superior to common law. Just a hunch.

Are we seeing our future here? I don't think so. I am led to believe that those who took an oath to serve and protect... police, FBI, etc and those who took an oath to protect the country... the military and guard, would not support such actions. But I do believe that the plans to create a civil guard (through accorn... americor?) will create such a security force that will be solely anti-American.

But it is time to rebel. And soon it will be time to go to the streets and demand our country back.

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