Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Screw their (the) Constitution

To be truthful, up to now I really haven't thought about our distant neighbor to the south, Honduras. I knew they were a so called democracy but their president Zelaya enjoyed hanging with the dics... (dictators of the Sotomayor persuasion...) of latin america. Simply, over the last few months zelaya has tried to circumvent his country's constitution. The supreme court and most of his party said no. He said you better listen to me because I have good friends like chavez and castro (and obama) to back me up. The supreme court voted and said you are out of here. So the military stormed the palace and put him on a plane out of the country. Then they (the supreme court) installed a new leader (the speaker of the house) to fulfill the rest of his term. They returned it to democracy regardless of the press and our pres' statement. They followed their constitution. Outrage from our king... outrage from cuba's king... outrage from venezuela's king... outrage from the u.n.. With all this against you, you know you did the right thing. Our king claims the rule of law should apply. Problem is he's LOOKING IN A MIRROR as to what I hope will happen to him. I think it scares him to death. CZARS, taking over private industry, bail outs... we are surrounded by tyrants bent on destroying us. Time to storm our house and put him on a plane back to his birthplace!

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