Sunday, May 31, 2009


911: Please state your emergency

caller: I need to report a theft in progress

911: Are the thieves still there with you?

caller: Yes they are and they refuse to stop when I told them that they have no right to this. IT DOESN'T BELONG TO THEM

911: Sir you need to leave and protect yourself

caller: I won't, I can't let them do this to me and my family. I will stay and protect myself and what belongs to me. It was fought for and paid for at too high of cost. It's not just what I have worked for but it's my children's inheritance. I have to fight for them.


My last post went on and on about taxes and yada yada. I believe many think and feel the same way. I forwarded it on to Roger Hedgecock during his radio show on Friday not really expecting any feedback. I was surprised when he said on the air a little while later... I just got this letter from Bryan B and he goes on about the usual taxes and yada yada (he probably gets a lot of these)... but at the end of his letter something stood out. He said (I said) "I will not have my sons one day say, "Dad, why didn't you do anything?"

Wow. this line was really an after thought, but it is actually my cornerstone. They have no voice. Their kids who are not even thought of yet, have no voice. And they are being stolen from. Their inheritance of a free and great republic is being squandered away. And they are being saddled with a debt that will make them slaves. With no say. It's wrong. Roger stopped and then said it hit close to the bone. One day, our kids will say "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" "WHY?"

I don't ever want to hear this. I want them to say instead, my Dad cared enough and loved us enough to fight for us, our freedom, the Constitution... against all enemies, even domestic. Our founders sacrificed all, not for their present, but for future generations. For us. And it's time to do the same. There is no 911 operator to call. No one is coming to help. The fight is on. And it's on us.

May God bless and have mercy on us all. Let's Roll!

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