Friday, May 29, 2009



What if we could get a million, two million, 3 million people to feel this way. To say enough. To say look, we are not being represented. They are not following even the basics of the Constitution. And they are spending money we DON'T HAVE!

What if we all said... "Not another penny!"

What would happen?

I've been thinking about this for a long time. What if? Could it be done? Are there enough patriots still here? Credit... gone. Savings... gone. House value ... gone. What else is there to loose?

It has to stop. They are out of control. I have never advocated civil disobedience... but our country is being stolen from us... and I think it is too late to repair. Too late? Yes. The next 3 generations will be paying for what has been spent in the last 120 days. THE NEXT 3 GENERATIONS! They are liars.They are thieves. They are traitors. They should be filling the cells on Guantanamo. They have done more to damage our republic that any foreign attack could. They don't deserve another dime. It's their debt. And every day we allow them to remain there, it is OUR fault. Enough. No More! Not NO to NEW taxes... but NO to ALL taxes.


I am not their slave and they will NOT be my master. This is OUR country. We the People say NO!

I will not have my sons one day say, "Dad, why didn't you do anything?"

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