Friday, May 1, 2009

One of the "We the People"

Have you ever wondered about this quote? We the People. When I think of the word people, I tend to think of those... like me. Those that I can relate to. Have a normal conversation with. That's probably 90% of this country.

A story this morning was talking about the first lady's $540 sneakers. She's in the 10% I can't relate to. I knew this when she and 'the one' celebrated the nomination with $1,000 iranian caviar and $1,000 champagne. One of the 'We the People'? Not in my book. I'd of been happy with a cold 6 pack of Keystone Beer and hot wings.

Washington is full of elitist. Those that have no connection with the populous on whole. The schools they went to, the friends they keep and the ivory towers they live in. Doubt they would go camping in the desert with my family and I. The point is, they don't represent me. If you are on trial you get a jury of your peers. This is what I want my government to look like. I don't want it stacked with lawyers and career politicians. I want Joe the plumbers, I want Tina the teacher, Frank the Fireman... you get the idea. I want someone in there who graduated from a junior college. I want successful business people who at one time have had to borrow on their credit cards to cover payroll. I want housewives who have raised families and have had to live within a budget. One more time... LIVE WITHIN A BUDGET! I want people like you and me to make the decisions because we are the ones who live within those decisions.

I do not want someone who for a new souvenir photo, spends a half of million dollars of money that is NOT his.

I want WE the People.

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