Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aren't you tired of all this?

My wife told me today that she can't take it anymore. Talk radio with it's doom and gloom has left her drained. And she's just plain tired of it all. She asked me how I can listen to it so much. Am I tired? Am I ready to blow it all off and turn it back to country radio?.... Well... NO! I'm not tired. I'm not worn out. That's what they want. They hope that eventually we'll just give up and accept reality. Well, I've seen a glimpse of what their reality can be and I say HELL NO! That is not what I want my country to turn in to and that's not what I want to leave to my kids. In my lifetime I have never seen the groundswell in people of what's really, love of country.
Today I heard a recording of an English politician basically telling the prime minister and leader of Europe, we're broke and you are making it worse. You are crippling any future our children may have. You have failed. You can not tax us back to prosperity. The same could of been said here. But it takes voices. It starts with just one. And then spreads to millions. Be that voice. Stay in touch. Listen, learn and express your opinion. Don't be quiet. Please don't grow weary. Don't loose faith in yourself... and in us. And please don't let the bastards win.

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