Monday, September 7, 2009

Operation Do Over!

You know what is really hard to stomach anymore?  I can handle progressives. I know what they are... just plain evil and hell bent on destroying our Constitution. I can tolerate democrats even though by claiming to be a blue dogs, they are just as bad because they empower the ideas of progressives (communism). But I am SICK AND TIRED of most republicans... especially those that have been in office for more than 2 terms. We are where we are today BECAUSE OF THEM! They sit there and spew that if given a chance they could fix everything. Yet when they were in power they didn't do crap... I take that back. They did do crap! They are socialists by every definition. Government grew under them. Debt grew under them. And all their bank accounts grew under them. All while our freedoms and liberties disappeared.


I know there are a handful in office that would benefit the republic. Bachman and Ron Paul to name two. But we need to repopulate our government with We The People! You can't cure an infection with the puss still there. And I see puss every time I turn the tv on. They'll claim they have needed experience. To do what? Most have never had a real job in their life. Read the constitution... adhere to your oath you swore to God to defend... that's all I want from you. I want housewives that have balanced a check book, teachers that actually love teaching, mechanics, plumbers... cable guys to "Get'er DONE!" What I don't want is some east coast, ivy league  attorney with their nose in the air and their head up their .... to dictate to us how we should be taken care of. I want someone from a junior college who actually had to go to class in between work. I want a little league coach who does what he does because he loves it. I want people like you and I because we have realized that our republic was a gift from our Creator and it is being squandered away. I'm hoping it's not too late.

It's time to do over. We absolutely can not do worse.