Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Get off your Ass..."

Went to Open House at my son's high school last night.  Ordinary stuff, get your class schedule, get hit up by the boosters for a donation and then wait in the quad to get started. Out come the cheerleaders and then the band and then a invitation to stand for the National Anthem. Invitation? Anyways the band starts and a young patriot did her best singing which made her grandmother next us proud. As she sang I noticed across the way  a couple parents that continued to sit and carry on as if nothing special was happening. Note, we live about 40 miles north of the border. As such I will let you determine where they were from. While I should of been concentrating on rockets red glare... I could only think how ungrateful these SOBs were. One, two or six of their kids are getting a free ride ON ME. Free breakfast, lunches, education, transportation, medical... subsidized housing. All on the back of you and I. AND THEY DON'T HAVE THE DECENCY TO STAND AND SHOW RESPECT TO OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY. BAST**DS! I wanted so to walk over and tell him he can at least stand. Actually I wanted to kick their... .  And BO wants to grant them all citizenship. BS to that. A ticket back, an electric fence and a border patrol with live ammo. Get in line... by the way, "WE'RE FULL!"


  1. I've seen that too.

    Living in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, I've seen people who are CITIZENS behave that way. I always sing along with the national anthem to the embarrassment of my kids. Tough. I still sing (though I know I don't sing well)!

  2. Too bad you don't live in my hometown Rattler. The Democrats here are as patriotic, and probably would be better Republicans, than most Republicans in the rest of our Country. If you don't take your hat off and stand at attention during the National Anthem here you better be prepared to fight.

  3. Oh yeah. I like your writing and signed up to be one of your followers Rattler. If I get a job at one of President Obama's internment camps I'll try and get you a room with a window.

  4. LL what part of Kal are you in? I'm a San Diego local all my life but wouldn't take much to get me... to get me the hell out of here!

    I've been to events with other anthems. I stand in respect for them and expect nothing less in return.

  5. Thanks for the kind words 101. By the time they get me into one of their camps though, I will probably be in a box instead.

  6. Dear Rattler....You should read my post on Taylor Swift/ Christmas....(same issue..I cant put up a xmas tree or I will offend someone?

    Great thing about this issue with the flag is at least nobody can force me not to teach my kids to stand...This is another thing I find wrong with this country....Oh and Ban CNN.......All they are now is a reality television show...

    Nobody talks about people dying for this country...But they are pretty quick to get rid of xmas trees in airports and get rid of anything to do with the pledge in our schools.

    The Black Widow