Saturday, September 26, 2009

Civilian National Force... How it will work

When the guy in the White house claimed that we need a civilian national security force as well funded as our military I said no way that could ever happen. But today I was reading a great blog at Coordinated Illumination  about H. R. 2159. This bill will give the attorney general the power to confiscate weapons from anyone he deems a threat. Anybody he disagree with.  Remember, Eric hoder is not a fan of the constitution. Well the wheels began to turn. I don't believe the majority of our military would blindly follow orders against us. I am encouraged by the the oath keeper movement and I think that worries the progressives.

But there is another military force that could be called upon to repel, displace and intern. The blue helmeted force of the U.N..

Executive orders in a claimed national crisis could very quickly be signed to enforce martial... obama law. And where as our military is not allowed, those of the U.N. would have NO allegiance to our constitution and laws. (well neither does our congress right now). It would then pretty much open the door for O to take his seat as the head council of the world to create his new world order. Wow, wasn't he taking a leadership role last week, for the first time in history?

Some of you may have already thought about this.  Am I crazy?  I hope I'm wrong.


  1. Concerning the "CNF", as it were, how do they differ from the militia?

    This is a question that has been bothering me for awhile, not because I am opposed to a government-run militia (it's Constitutional, you know), but because Obama is so adamantly anti-Constitution, why would he resurrect such a thing?

    The structure, or lack thereof, is radically different from the original militia, as is their purpose, but I'd like to know the differences and similarities. The fact that the whole idea has yet to manifest itself hinders such inquiry, though.

    The UN troop deployment is a very real possibility, in my mind; they'd follow orders, but our National Guard would probably join our side and deal them a fit in the end!

  2. I'll save the cliche about prying my .45 from my cold dead fingers, yadda yadda yadda, and instead will make the keen observation that those stupid blue helmets the UN wears make GREAT targets. And if they send French troops, they'll drop the rifles unfired.


  4. Oh, hell, that pic is priceless. I remember shaking my head when one of my old platoon-mates sent me pictures from Skopje, Macedonia in 1994 and al I saw was white-painted M-113's and Humvees and everyone had blue helmets. They just screamed "TARGETS".....

  5. We could be in for a long hard four years.

  6. S3 - Great pic, thanks. The Germans had their national defense army to protect itself from itself. Most progressive are tree hugging cowards that will scream and then run away as fast as they can while soiling themselves in the process. As such it will take a seperate force that is not American to achieve his goals.

    Steve - I've started using light blue targets in the back yard for target practice. I always wondered why our cats preferred taking a crap in our light blue litter box vs. the tan on.

    Fuzzy - I agree. It's already been a long 8 mos.