Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Constitution Day America!

With all her faults, we still live (for now) in the Greatest Country this planet has ever seen because of our founder's wisdom and insights that were truly providence. We are blessed.  Have a great day all and don't forget to exercise your rights always!


  1. She has no faults, save that of an oppressive government and an amoral people; the Constitution is a time capsule of a time long past, but their remains yet a remnant.

    Happy What's-Left-of-a-Constitution Day!

  2. And I'll still defend her from all enemies, foreign and domestic....

  3. Son3 - A slight fault is I would of wrote the second amendment a little clearer as "shall not be infringed" is so confusing to politicians. That remnant remaining grows stronger every day. It is sad so little is spoken of it today and it's importance. I am making plans now for next year with a goal to give every student in my son's school a copy, about 400 or so.

    Steve - I'm there along side you.

  4. S3, that was very poetically put.

    Lets stand for the Constitution, remnant or otherwise.

  5. R-what a great idea --to give a copy to every child in your son's school!
    The memorial photo of Pvt. Long brings a tear and - also - a desire to know what is happening w/ the trial of the muslim -I'll bet CAIR is in on it...
    You are now on my 'list'...(Internment Camp-I like that)

  6. Hi CS. Thanks for your comments. BO during his speech yesterday not once brought up the fact that it was constitution day. His emphasis was stirring the troops to follow him in his new utopia. No thanks