Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama, "We're going to have to build a bigger 're-education' camp"

"an organized group of protesters numbering in the hundreds..."

Comment from the White House 'Axlehead', "Just simply a distraction. They don't know better. Irrelevant."


  1. I posted something this week about the Silent Majority being sick and tired of being silenced. Perhaps 9/12 is the first step.

    Based on the MSM, dozens of people were protesting yesterday.

  2. Obama "We're going to have to build a bigger camp"

  3. Bryan,
    Lynn here...I was there the #'s were closer to 1 million...the March wasn't supposed to start till 11:30 we started at 9:30 forced by police....because the crowd was too large...there was no major media there...Foxes truck was there...the crowd went from the Capitol all the way to the Washington Monument...they wanted us to move out of the mall area because we didn't have a permit...the permit was just for the lawn was an awesome DC the media coverage was even more liberal...they acted like we weren't even present...the counter protest of a 100 people the next day got more coverage!
    Obama and Congress may deny our presence but something tells me they know exactly how large it was! I met the most incredible Patriots from all over the United States!