Monday, September 21, 2009

The book BO wants banned? The DICTIONARY!

I stayed away from the prez's star tour on Sunday. It's a day of rest and Lord knows we all need it. But monday morning brings reality back into light. And our lives are still covered by clouds. I saw a clip from abc with George He asked the BO if a fee or mandate isn't the same thing as a tax. "Of course not George (thinking, 'is my time up? I have to get ready for my hour on Letterman. I need to be seen.')"  But George must of had his Wheaties that morning because he came back with "Well Mr. President, according to the definiton from Marian Webster's a tax is a fee or mandated burden placed upon an individual..."

Our arrogant potus said "George it a stretch when you have to look to Merian Webster for the definitions of the words I use to go against me. (I am the ruler of the world and I can make up my own meaning!)"
ok I added the parenthasis part..

??? Is this the most pompus ass you have ever seen or heard from? He is without a doubt the most narcissistic being on this planet. "Please dear sheople of America, I know what is best for you. I am your ruler and 'Yes I Can... do what I want!'"

Get the h*ll  away from my liberties.

Call it a fee, call a a 'surcharge', call it a benefited added up charge. If it's money out of my pocket -  IT IS STILL A TAX!  And if I get nothing in return -


  1. "Oh, no! You have completely misunderstood me, George. It's not a tax! It's a value added, deficit neutral, contribution. Yeah, yeah, that's it!"

  2. on't forget the term "user fee" all reminds me of the BS charges that U-Maine used to tack onto my bill....Technology fee? Athletic fee?
    Puh-leeeeze.....No wonder I dropped out with a 3.67 GPA; I was disgusted by the way they picked my pockets.

  3. Pride comes before the fall and this man is very proud, truly believing there is no stink around him. Thank you gentleman.

  4. to your ???-yes,he is---
    and - to add-
    just to hear his voice --to look at his countenance...tuns my stomach-so-I turn off any video-or turn down the radio if I know-- bho --is on...