Thursday, September 24, 2009

California... Now illegal to sell ammunition to criminals!...?

Yup their trying to make it illegal. Well it already is but they want to make it so illegal, it will be soon impossible for non criminals to purchase ammo also. Just love this state!

California Assembly Bill 962. Passed a few days ago and on it's way to the terminator. This is a state who's representatives have an average common sense IQ equal to that of a stink bug. This new law will:
  • Would make it illegal to sell ammo to criminals, gang members and felons.
  • Dealers would also be required to keep bullets out of shoplifting reach and to take thumbprints of ammo buyers while making sales records available to the cops.
  • Though there is no waiting period for taking delivery, all bullet buying - Internet purchases would go to dealers for pickup - would have to be done face to face with a dealer.
They pushed for but at the last minute took out a provision to limit the qty of total ammunition sold to 50 a month. 50 a month. One more time, 50 a month. But they are confident it will be added shortly to another bill maybe the construction of a sewage treatment plant.

As bad as the politicians are though, the people in this state are as timid as the bugs my kids call rollie pollies in that there rights will be touched and they'll just curl up in the fetal position and let it happen. Really when I get to heaven I am going to ask God why He didn't give rollie pollies any teeth.

Listen up America... it's coming your way. We're really good in California about spreading our plagues around to the rest of the country. Look, we gave you Feinstein, Boxer and the Queen, Pelosi herself.  You're welcome. And you to will soon be able to share in the medical care of our 12 million illegal... soon to be given amnesty, visitors. At least I won't have to carry the load all by myself anymore. Hell, I really can't afford to buy more ammo anyways! Thank you America! 

Shall not be infringed... remember, without the second the rest is just worthless words. Have we been attacked yet? Domestic terrorism isn't just things that go boom. It also comes disguised as change you can believe in.


  1. Hey man. I have relatives in California. Smart relatives. It's not their fault your legislators never had the guts to live within the means Proposition, dang, whatever number it was, was trying to force government to live under. And I bet California limits the amount of sudafed you can buy so meth dealers can't buy cases of it at a time. You have a problem with meth dealers not being able to stock up on the main ingredient of their illegal drug the same you you cringe at felons not being able to buy bullets?

    Listen to yourself Rattler.

  2. 101-prop 13- ? 185 ?
    We keep voting for propositions. and they keep getting circumvented...

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