Friday, September 25, 2009

Showing true leadership from the heart of America.

Posted on her facebook account:

"Todd and I would like to offer our best wishes to the Jewish community as they celebrate the High Holy Days. With the celebration of the Jewish New Year this week and the observance of the Day of Atonement next week, we are reminded of the hopeful commitment to renewal and peace exemplified by the Jewish tradition and the Jewish people throughout history.
Yom Kippur, the most solemn and important of the Jewish holy days, is a time of reflection and supplication for forgiveness. The timeless human struggle to promote justice, harmony, and peace is seen here in this process of atonement – in humbly seeking pardon for past wrongs in the hope of a new beginning. It reminds us that if we wish to co-exist globally, we must all strive for forgiveness and tolerance.
A speech was given at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that was full of hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric. It was a shameful display before a body whose very charter is premised on the need for co-operation and harmony in pursuit of peaceful co-existence between nations. Such talk was especially abhorrent coming as it did during the Jewish High Holidays. The world community must speak with one voice in declaring anti-Semitism and all forms of intolerance and racism utterly unacceptable. There is no place in the community of peace-loving nations for those who traffic in hate or deny the terrible atrocity of the Nazi Holocaust.
In this holy season, we join the Jewish people in the struggle to promote justice, harmony, and peace. May God bless them."
- Sarah Palin

No question in my opinion as to the better leader. 


  1. My list is short--
    I'm waiting for three more ...

  2. Very thoughtfull post on leadership. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Mind Power

  3. I would also ad Michelle Bachmann to this list. And add that any one from an ivy league school is to be removed. Thanks CS.

  4. karim... Palin is a class act and that is somewhat of an odd thing in washington. Thanks

  5. Plus.....Sarah Palin understands HOCKEY! We need that kind of leadership.

    I was passed in traffic the other day by a guy who had scraped the MCCAIN off his bumper and just left the PALIN on the truck.....