Friday, September 4, 2009

All Hail or Oh Hell!

"One sun-drenched day, as his wife Michelle stood by, Barack smiled on a sea of faces from Wichita to Waikiki. He saw whites and blacks, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims and Jews; he saw the ghosts of his parents, of Gramps and Toot, of Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK. And on that special day Barack was the bridge that held them all together. “I want to be your president,” he said. “Can we make America better? Can we work together, as one?” With a single voice the crowd called out, “Yes! We can!”

Quote from the book 'Barack Obama: Son of promise, Child of Hope" This is the book provided to schools and teachers by the white house to read to their student concerning the chosen one. 


  1. This punk really does think he is a mansonic being doesn't he? Man, it is going to be a very long 4 years.

  2. Just imagine if he became a "martyr to his 'cause'" like MLK and JFK...then the liberals would never shut up. I don't like him but hope nobody causes such a thing to happen and no harm befalls him as president or they'll be re-writing the Bible with his name all over it. Hell, they still keep prattling on about Lincoln and Lincoln was one of the three worst presidents ever in my esteem.

  3. Scalawag:
    I can't even imagine getting to November 2010. We just have to keep encouraging each other and bring as many people into the light before he pulls the plug on us here. Thanks

    I would much rather have him in prison to serve as an example of selling snake oil without a license. Too bad that oil is from the snakes of patriots trying to save the constitution. Thanks for the comment.

  4. OMG!!! As if our children are not being exposed to enough liberal indoctrination in the government schools, now they have to endure this self aggrandizing drivel.

    Hmmmmm! Don't you think that 'Obama worship' in the public school system should be prohibited by their own interpretation of the separation clause?

    'Tired', thanks for the link to my page, I have returned the favor by adding yours to my blog roll.

  5. What a circus Obama and his administration has turned out to be!!! The World is watching and laughing their heads off at us! I hope the jerks that voted for this clown are the recipients of his dastardly actions!!!

  6. I heard about this. I can't believe it. The government wrote a school curriculum? Obama's attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate young people just got taken to a whole 'nother level.