Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Return of Red Shirt Friday!

Today I got an email telling me about Red Shirt Friday. Ok. Ok. I know this has been around a while. I first heard of this back about 4 years ago. Didn't put too much thought into it because our republic was safe under ole GW... fool me once, shame on you. Red Shirt Friday was an idea by a couple military wives to show honor to soldiers in harms way. Though it never really took off I think is was a novel idea.

For me, being a husband to my wife, raising two boys, working 3 jobs, just trying to connect the dots in this thing called life... I really don't have a lot of time for the battle at hand. But I try to do what I can. I post my opinions where ever/when ever I can, I read and learn (you all amaze me in the conservative bloggisphere), I've gone to a couple tea protests and been flipped off by passing cars, (I'm still mad at my uncle Bob... I know where you live), I fly my Gadsden flag and Sons of Liberty flag outside my home all the time, much to the dismay of my HOA (another communist organization), my cars all have my Dont Tread on Me stickers I made posted on them (for sale on Ebay!), I bought a ton of pocket Constitutions I hand out with a Constitution oath card I made (for free) letting people know that this written document is the way it's suppose to be and not the crap they tell us to believe... I try to do what I can.

But unless I know you personally, I have no way of easily connecting with like minded patriots. So why not a Red Shirt Friday? Why not a simple "Tea Party" once a week? How cool would it be to go to a Walmart on Friday (looking for ammunition) and see others who give you a smile and a thumbs up wear their red shirt. (we have have to work on a secret hand sign)

And the red shirt can stand for the Constitution... for limited government... for the principles that made this country great, for respect to our men and women... brothers and sisters who have stepped up and volunteered for the service of our country regardless of it current marxist leadership. Best of all, if we got enough of us together, it would really piss the progressives off. That's good enough for me.

Any thoughts?


  1. sounds like a secret society,a high five, a wink.....hmmmm I LIKE IT!!! and I do look good in red

  2. I'd drop by and say "Howdy" if you can get Sacramento to look into CHL reciprocity :-)

    Pretty state, lived there before on a few occasions. Shame about the laws.