Sunday, September 20, 2009

Defense of Marriage Act - RIP

This morning's email brought a headline that BO and congress are busy trying to scuttle the  Defense of Marriage Act that denies same sex couples federal rights and privileges. Is it surprising? Really, is there anything that this man does that is a surprise? His goal is to remake our country... He despises our Constitution. Progressives despise our Bill of Rights.  And you and I are in the way.

Are you ready to give up?
Standing your ground is not an option.
Or are you ready to take the offensive and take our country back?

There is not room for compromise. It's all or nothing.

What ever happens, our kids one day will either say "why didn't you do more" or they'll say "thank you for protecting us."

I know what I want.


  1. Great job on your blog my friend, keep up the
    good work!

  2. Christ did command us to "Ocuupy til I come.."Lk 19: 13--Hold the ground He lessons from MacArthur (in occupied Japan)...I'll hold the high ground and I know others are rallying too.

  3. Thank you C&L. No time to rest in the battle presented to us. Stay strong.

    C-CS, We fight for a cause of honor and righteousness. With God before us, who can be against? Glad to serve with you.