Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As the fog lifts...

Violation of allegiance toward one's country
or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

A betrayal of trust or confidence.

With the recent talks and now efforts to prosecute the CIA and others for their roll of interrogating terrorists... does the above definition of treason bring into light what type of people are now calling the shots in Washington?  Are they aiding those WE ARE AT WAR WITH RIGHT NOW? Are they putting our service men and women in harm's way? Are they betraying their oath to defend and protect? Are they saying one thing and doing another thus betraying their word and our trust?

The entire framework of our republic is being handed over to unelected communist/marxist czars who have written and spoke out at how they despise our Constitution and capitalism. From a commander in chief who repeatedly has said our founders erred in the crafting of our Constitution. The web is being weaved and when it's done...


  1. But, we aren't at war with anyone. There has been no declaration of war.

    Besides, with those same unelected czar's definition of "terrorist", I'm glad they don't want to torture us, eh?

    If anyone should be prosecuted, it should be them, not their pawns in the CIA.

    Anyone that would violate the Constitution, George Bush included, should be tried for treason.

  2. Thanks Son3. Although we have not officially declared war, anyone who's religion plots for my/our destruction has declared war against me. I was disappointed in Bush. He allowed a third world nation to enter and occupy us with little constraint. As such I must agree with you assertion with only the apparent facts at hand, he aided in an attack against us. So is true with 90% of those in office. I think Guantanamo could hold that many.