Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy, RIP...

RIP...  But for those he left behind, it will take generations to undo the socialist scars he has left on our republic. Kennedy has always been the poster child of why we need term limits. He was an example that nothing is impossible as long as your family has enough money... including homicide.

Prayers to the family, but no flag at half mast for me.


  1. Yes, my 13-starred flag flies as defiantly today as it did yesterday, at the top o' the staff; I shed no tear for the man, though, 'tis a pity he must spend the rest of eternity in misery.

  2. The family money was made for smuggling alcohol during though they had new money of a sort Kennedy would be the equal of a son of a modern-day drug lord. Given that, it's not surprising how he turned out.

  3. The senate is nothing but the elite as exemplified by the time most have been their and the worth of each. At one time (when our constitution was followed) the senate was elected by the state assemblies and not by the public at large. As such they were never in power for a generation like they are now. 2 terms... part time... and out!