Friday, August 7, 2009

A calloused sheople

A recent heading on Drudge had this picture just below it...

Clinton Struts Her Stuff in Celebration

5 Marines Killed Yesterday in Afghanistan

I have to tell you, as I go through my day I read a lot of news. Things happen so fast. One day of news in modern America is more than a month just a couple of decades ago. For the most part I think that is a good thing because it's harder for domestic enemies to get away with things. But there are some down sides. I tend to skim over what should be important. Every day there are men and women who are laying down their lives for you and me. I have to stop and reflect that every day there are men and women laying down there life for you and me. They are gone... forever. They and their family have made the greatest sacrifice. Donating to charity, giving time to church, even public service at the highest levels - pales in comparison. Yet the country focuses on a little dittie from bill's better half (which isn't saying much).

I am going to make an effort to stop when I see an article like this and say a prayer and thank these patriots. I will pray for their families. Unbelievable grief will be with them now for the rest of their life. And I am humbled.


  1. I have a problem, and I'm hoping you can help me understand this.

    How can it be that our soldiers in the Middle-East are "laying down their lives for you and me," when we live here, in tyranny?

    Can they be fighting for our freedom abroad when the enemy is within?

    I do not mean to diminish their sacrifice, but I think there is a difference between a war for our sovereignty and a war for our freedom.

    I am not speaking to the moral merits of that war, but to what cause our soldiers are dying, for Iraqi freedom or for American freedom?

  2. These are conversations of what beer summits should be about. The tyranny at home is self inflicted as we have been asleep for too long. If it can be done quickly, I believe knowledge will awaken the country and hopefully we can wrestle the runner away and get back on course. If not... King George will have to go by other means.
    As for our soldiers sacrifice... my wife and I always disagree on immigration. She believes illegals should be stopped at the border and rounded up and thrown out. I belive the politicians who offer them the benefits and welome basket when they get here should be to blame. Our soldiers are called on and they always step up to the plate. We may disagree with the coach but that in no way should diminish their service. To whom much is given, much is expected. Should we be abroad for nothing more than freedom's sake? That would be a great discussion. My feeling is yes but... get the damn job done. War is simply killing them until they don't want to fight anymore. But our fights are political and our soldiers die so our leaders can be politically correct. For this I would bring them all home.

  3. I meant to say rudder not runner.