Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama offers best wishes for Muslim holiday

In perfect arabic dielect barrack hussein obama praised fellow followers for
"islam's positive role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and dignity of all human beings". All during the time time when the 17 year old Christian convert fears for her life from her father's islamic duty to kill her for shaming the family.

This is the guy who DID NOT attend National Prayer Day but does kiss the hind quarters of mohamad for ramadan and bows to saudi kings. Great choice America.


  1. Just what has Islam done to promote justice, progress & tolerance?

    O beggars belief.

  2. Islam has done nothing but to froce people into slavery or die!

  3. Been trying all day to think of a contribution. The only thing that comes to mind is belly dancing... and veils to hide ugly islamic women.