Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bring Your Handgun To Work Day!

OK, OK. There really isn't a day. But maybe it's time to start one. Right NOW! What do you think? In celebration of the Second Amendment and the Rights guaranteed to us and paid for by the blood of patriots... on such and such date, the free people (or those who celebrate their freedom) of the United States in exercising there constitutional rights shall bring their concealed weapon of defense with them to work. This will be celebrated by all freemen (and women) of the United States. Those who may participate will be based on those regulations under Vermont law concerning concealed carry. Opinions?


  1. Not a bad idea!

    Maybe, instead of concealed, it should be open carry. After all, we have the right to keep and bear arms, so why not bear them?

    Maybe make it the 17th of September, as that is Constitution Day, and it's not that far off.

  2. To me the word bear is to carry whether it be open or concealed. The problem with open carry is it let's everyone know who in particular has a weapon. Concealed carry, the only likely scenario is everyone has one. Done right, you could spend an entire day at work and no one would be aware... the whole purpose of being concealed. But you are right in September 17 being an awesome day.

  3. You make a good point, especially as a source of protection for everyday life.

    But, if this is a day for carrying for the sake of carrying, why wouldn't it be open? Why not make this one day set aside for the purpose of openly displaying your right to bear?

    Wouldn't doing otherwise defeat the purpose?

    Your co-workers will be aware that you carry, and that will make them and everyone else you meet aware that you could be carrying at any time.

    Besides, places like where I live don't allow concealed carry without a CCP, and I ain't about to get one.

    I've nothing against concealed, I'm just saying.

    I mean, do what you want, it's a free... well...


  4. You are right about making a statement about carrying in the opwn on this one day. California allows ccw's if you have a need. And the safety of you or your family is not one. "Shall not be infringed" is good enough for me. A great article on open carry in San Diego...