Monday, July 27, 2009

You don't matter here in California

I have been amazed at the number of articles on the 2nd Amendment lately. Like it's a new issue. Maybe it's a sudden interest in the Constitution and Bill of Rights (whatever that is).

Here in our state, with no apology, some life is more important than others. Some have a right to defend themselves with deadly force wherever they travel. They have a right to defend their family and property. They have a right to life. You do not. Unless you are at home, you are subject to becoming the bad end of a statistic. Who are they? Those who have been granted the right to carry a concealed weapon in California. Their cause, their worth is above yours and mine. Here is San Diego there are aprox. 1600 people who have been elevated above... we the people. While some are legit in their occupation and circumstances, others have obtained this status because of elitism. Because they are in the click. You and I, we the people, we are not. We are not to be trusted. We are not to be granted a "right" proclaimed in the constitution. The only amendment where our founders saw the importance of using the phrase... "shall not be infringed" is the one in bearing arms. Yet in California, this has been negated to nothing. 40 states in the union trust their citizenry more than this one with over 4 million permits. For us here, we have to prove a justifiable need... and our life is not justifiable.

Just remember, as California goes, so goes the country. Live free or die.

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