Thursday, July 30, 2009

In a perfect world...

Hank William Jr's
"Why Can't We All Just Get A...Long...Neck"

There’s crime in the city streets
Always trouble in the middle east
How do we let things get so out of hand
Just watching the evening news
That would give anybody the blues
The more I know, I think, the less I understand

Oh, why can’t we all just get a long neck?
And make a toast to peace and harmony

Why why cant we all just get a long neck?
See how good gettin’ along might be

I’d like to buy the world a round
In a honky tonk on neutral ground
Where we can see inside we’re all the same
Pop a top and let the good times pour
‘Til we forget what we’re fighting for
I’ll ask again could someone please explain?

And different as we may be
We’re all one big family
Can’t we just agree we’re gonna disagree?!

Why Why why cant we all just get a long neck?
See how good gettin’ along can be
And see how good getting along could be
Que Pasa!!!!!

His line in the middle is "Where we can see inside we’re all the same." Unfortunately we are not the same... never will be. There is too large of a divide. Compromise, is just giving in... giving up something important on your side. Peace and harmony sound good in a song... and in bimbo beauty pageants... but in reality, it's not a perfect world.


  1. Enjoy the site - good to see some one dare to admit they're not in favour of the current modern trend of murdering babies in the womb.

    Also, you may recall Chesterton's line, "Swords around the Cross." If its worth believing in, which it is, its surely worth fighting for!

    God bless,


  2. Thank you for reading. I am unaware of the phrase "Swords around the Cross." I see it as an interesting book. Do you reccomend it?

  3. The "swords" quote is from GK Chesterton's "Battle of Lepanto", commemorating Christendom's decisive naval victory over the Islamists. here's a link to the poem:

    I've always loved it, but then again I'm a GKC fan! You might enjoy his novels; the Flying Inn is especially relevant, I think.