Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just look the other way...

I just watched the interview from the lady who called 911 to report a possible break in at the professor's home. I believe with one 'stupidly' said remark, the guy in the white house has made us all a lot less safe. Please, if I am breaking into my house and you don't know it's me... CALL THE POLICE! Because more than likely it's not me. I no dumb ass. When the police get there it is yes sir, no ma'am, thank you officer for checking. Not... Yo white mama is so stupid... I'm important and you're crap... discrimination!!!...

It's hard enough to get people involved. This lady has had death threats, the media camped out on her lawn, her mother was harassed... over doing the right thing! And the "one" is just loving it. One word 'stupidly' has taken attention away from the traitors in congress and has successfully distracted the sheople once again. BAHHHHH!

HE IS THE RACIST ONE IN ALL OF THIS! I would of turned down the beer invite. He hasn't admitted his mistake because to him, whitey is stupid. He heard it in church. It would take something stronger than beer to sit with these 2 bigots. The cop on the other hand, as well as the caller Lucia, they are welcome at my camp fire anytime. They are part of 'We the People'.

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  1. It is a shame the things happening to this woman.