Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just another day in oz...

Over 250 members of congress and an increasing number of senators have asked for an audit of the federal reserve. Yet the leadership says no... you can't look behind the curtain. You, the American people are not to be trusted with our secrets of how things really work. Listen, both r's and d's have been running this sham. But at least now the blinders on some have become dislodged and they are attempting to do the right thing. But for others, especially those in leadership position their reply is... SCREW YOU! And we take it. A few of us will moan and groan. Maybe write about it. Maybe call our rep. But they do all of this because they can. The good sheeople say nothing. Just another day in oz.

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  1. We ain't in Kansas, anymore.

    "But they do all this because they can."

    How true it is.

    Recently, in Britain, there was a man who confronted a parliamentarian, literally calling him out as a "traitor to the crown".

    The parliamentarian replied, "Well, if I am, I guess it's a good thing you can't do anything about it!"