Monday, July 13, 2009

Unto Obama!

I have referenced before the familiar quote of Jesus that claimed we need to render unto Caesar what is Caesars. Quick... Caesar was the elected leader of Rome who took the "Roman Republic" into "Rome the Empire" and appointed himself as dictator for life. Great tool history can be for those who open their eyes.

The remark from Jesus though is in contrast (so far) to today. We have no Caesar.... We Have No Caesar... WE HAVE NO CAESAR! We have no king, no dictator, no ruler. By providence we are a representative land. Of the people, for the people... We the People. I get so frustrated at the lofty perch our elected officials have assumed. Looking down upon their minions, the poor sheople need direction and to be cared after. BS! We have so skewed the whole concept of who we are. People tell me how afraid they are of what is going on today. Afraid of what "those in power" are going to do to us. Those in power? Do to us? Please. Wake up! We are in power. Everything that happens is self inflicted. Because we allow it. We allow the laws to be passed without comment. We allow the redefining of precedence because we say nothing. And when we do... we tremble as to what the response may be. That's sad.

The snake on the flag and the motto "dont tread on me" is something I believe strongly in. But just because I don't look for confrontations and would like to be left alone to live my life, my head is not in the sand. I am on guard. Because what happens today WILL affect my tomorrow. And though it's cliche, the best defense is offense. There has to be consequences for bad actions. Up to now there has only been rewards. But remember, they work for us. They work at our pleasure. And when some scab demands that she be called senator, I demand she call me boss!

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