Monday, July 6, 2009

Couldn't do it....

An earlier post I talked about hanging my flag upside down as I believe our country is under distress. The flag code allows for such action. But I can't do it. Maybe if I was stranded on an island and was signaling for help. But our flag is sacred. The sacrifice that has been made on it's account is overwhelming. And just the thought of reversing it makes me ill. I will not let the bas...rds destroy that symbol. So it flies for me... right and true.

In my earlier posts you have seen me flying my Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags. It makes a great statement and have used it at 2 tea parties. One flag I have also been reading about lately is that of the Son's (and daughter's) of Liberty. This is one of the earliest flags of colonial protest that started during the stamp act (our current cap and traitor tax). What better symbol than for today. It is a rejection of the tyranny of today. Here is a picture of what will fly at my home for a while on my second flag pole. (Yes I have a problem as I had 5 flags flying on the fourth). Sue me!


  1. I wonder if any Obama supporters have ever thought to fly the Sons of Liberty flag upside-down?

  2. Most probably returned it to the store stating it was defective because the stars were missing!

  3. Actually most wouldn't think of owning an American flag in the first place. (maybe a rainbow one though)