Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rick Warren calls on Muslims and Christians to work together...

Two times today this guy's name popped up. Once in my morning email from WND and another at church. Rick Warren is the head pastor of Saddle Back Church here in Southern California. A mega church of some 20,000 the last I checked. He is respected among evangelicals world wide. But... he has always made me feel uneasy. Not sure why but I'm starting to see different things. Over the years he has held most notably a one on one discussion with presidential candidates. Last year was no different with McCain and whats' his name. Yes, these were important but I was still surprised at the number of those claiming to follow Christ who still chose to vote for obama even after several of his answers were in contrast to biblical teaching... especially abortion. Warren at the conclusion refused and to this day refuses to take sides in politics. (I have strong feelings concerning fence walkers). I also was surprised by Warren's openness to give the invocation at the swearing in ceremony. Kinda like having Paul blessing the office of Herod.

Anyways, this weekend Mr. Warren spoke at the Islamic Society of North America. He called on Muslims and Christians to form an interfaith coalition to combat prejudice and stereotypes. ??? What did he just say? That we should join hands and sing kumbiya? Just be sure to invoke alla or your throat may be cut.

The result...Some are taking Warren's participation Saturday as a sign of Islam becoming more accepted in America. "I am commanded to love and I am commanded to respect everybody," Warren said.

I'm sorry Mr Warren but that acceptance ENDS AT THEIR DESIRE TO DESTROY MY CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. You are right I am commanded to love them and to pray for their lost souls. But I will not respect or accept a religion of hate.

I eagerly wait his new book... " A Purpose Driven Sharia Life".

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  1. Rick Warren is an abomination.

    At the inauguration, he referred to Jesus as "Isa", which is the Muslim word for Him.

    For any man, claiming to be Christian, to say that people of different faiths must come together and form an "interfaith coalition" is nigh on blasphemous.

    To put it in its nicest terms, that's like saying, "My Bible says you're going to spend eternity in a lake of fire, but that doesn't matter, so we should be best friends!"

    Warren is not a Christian. The Bible says we know Christians by their fruits, and Warren's fruit is that of evil.