Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What can I do...

What can I do?

With the start of the new year and my first post of the new decade, I wanted to plant a seed. Sometimes we look at the country around us and ask what difference can I make. As "We the People" great changes are going to come about at the end of this year. That is, unless a 'crisis' materializes and our liberties are stolen. But closer to home, what difference can "I the Citizen"   make? What can I have a role in?

Simple answer...  you can have a HUGE role.

There is a term that most have never heard of. There is a term that lawyers and judges alike despise. There is a term that some will say you have no right to. But... there is a term that YOU and I have a constitutional right to.

Jury Nullification

We are a country based upon laws. We are a nation built upon rights. But what happens when laws are written that diminish these guaranteed, inalienable rights?  Who is the final protector of our freedoms? Politicians?... Judges?... the Supreme Court?

No. The protector of our freedom is still where or founders placed them... with We the People.
The 'Jury' is that protector. And you and I are the jury. You and I have not only the ability to protect our liberties, but also the duty. PLEASE CHECK http://www.fija.org. The Fully Informed Jury Association. "The authority of the jury is the right that protects all other rights."

Read... Research... Study... 
and then...
Spread the Word!


  1. As long as "We The People" continue to use our God given rights as defined under "The Constitution", these violators will not prevail...

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. I am feeling Nullification might be an answer.

  3. So right. This is a CRUCIAL area. The puppet politician traitors in our government can pass whatever laws their Elite/PTB Masters want, but let's see if they can actually enforce those laws.

    And the great thing is that jury decisions must be unanimous. If there is even one decent, thinking individual on the jury, then the tyranny can be stopped.

    Now, that said, we must watch for areas in which the PTB may try to weaken the power of the jury...eg, by creating lists of known patriots and keeping them off of potention jury lists, etc.

  4. started posting the Constitution - in parts
    found videos of CDR Gillie (Oath Keepers) -he actually memorized that esteemed document...