Thursday, January 28, 2010


Mr. President... You Lie!... You're also an ASS!

Last nights donkey show by the tel"O"prompter guy was a real work. He definitely played it up to his barnyard animal friends for sure. But one thing that seems to be getting the most notice is his chastising of the Supreme Court DURING his state of the union speech. Now lets see... it's inappropriate for a congressman to call out the president for lying through his teeth, but ok for the self appointed king to mock a CO-EQUAL... CO-EQUAL branch of the government because it throws a monkey wrench in the progressives road to domination.. I still don't believe he was ever qualified to teach constitutional law. As my last post quoted... he failed lunch.

God protect the sane members of our Supreme Court.  I hope none commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back.


  1. Rattler: I'm glad you agree with The Supremes, five of them anyway, that unions also can donate as much as they want to political campaigns. Your open minded embrace of unions fighting for working Americans unhindered by silly campaign finance laws is refreshing among my right leaning friends.

    The first round is on me Rattler. Solidarity Brother!

  2. Truth, Truth, Truth... only and only if each union member can vote (in private, which I know you have problems with) whether or not to allow their dues to be stolen and used in ways they disagree with. Little chance of that happening in your Progressive America. Unions fight with clubs. Americans and patriots fight at the ballot... for now. I guess that first round now is on me.

  3. I'm for the secret ballot and minimum 2/3 majority but that's for another post Rattler.

    But speaking of clubs, I could always bring my trusty union as handle and make a scab buy our drinks.